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Halász Bernát
2017-05-08 16:15:26

A szállodai személyzet nagyon kedves és segítőkész, a szálloda pedig rendkívül otthonos, nagyon élveztük az itt eltöltött időt. Minden alkalommal egyre jobban élveztük (idén volt az 5. alkalom). Kétszer, háromszor ennyi időt is szívesen eltöltenénk itt.! :-) Köszönjük! 2016.07.03.


A child/baby-friendly hotel

A perfect recreation or holiday means for many of us that we can spend it with our whole family. Recently, we, the hotel staff have had the pleasant experience of receiving more and more guests with children. While parents are looking for opportunities to get away from the dreariness of their everyday lives, their children come to us looking forward to spending some eventful and exciting time here. Our experiences have reinforced our firm belief that a well-prepared hotel staff can do a lot in order to help families looking forward to enjoying themselves and feel really carefree. Therefore, it has been a conscious decision to create a range of family-friendly services. The rural surroundings of this hotel in Bakony is a perfect setting for the family to learn more about nature, to recreate and to spend some quality and fun time together. When we agreed on the scope of family-friendly services, our chief driving force was to offer such support that relieves parents from their parental duties during their stay in order to provide them precious and relaxing free time which they still can spend with their whole family. What does it exactly mean to be a family- and baby-friendly hotel? First of all, the place is far from any clamorous, big towns and provides a quiet and peaceful environment for the guest families.

bababarát hotel

Furthermore, we have several family-friendly outdoor facilities including a playground for the children in the park of the hotel where the kids can use the swing, the slide, the climbing tower, the sandpit, the revolving drum or the seesaw. Less active kids can use the outdoor bowling, the mini golf course. Furthermore, they can ride a pony or a horse and there is an opportunity for a family carriage ride. We can also provide smaller bikes for children and extra seats for the smallest in the family for a family bike tour.

bababarát hotel

Family-friendly wellness

There is an outdoor and an indoor swimming-pools as well as a bubble bath awaiting the whole family in the hotel. We can provide water-proof nappies for smaller kids.

bababarát hotel

Family-friendly rooms

There is an opportunity to provide extra beds for children with linen, children’s toilet seat or a baby pot. Families with new born babies are provided with a baby bath and a baby phone on request.

bababarát hotel

Family-friendly restaurant

When we furbished the restaurant we equipped it with high-chairs for babies, feeding bottles and bottle warmers. Furthermore we have a baby menu and baby food to make the lives of parents easier during their holiday.

bababarát hotel

Family-friendly hotel

There are baby-proof sockets and plugs in the hotel and no smoking is allowed in the rooms and halls. In the play room children can draw and paint and they can also watch their favourite cartoons. On request we can provide baby-sitting.

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