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Pardi Katalin
2021-08-02 13:25:04

A Hasik Hotel az a hely, ahol igazi értelmet nyernek azok a szavak mint vendéglátás, udvarias kiszolgálás és segítőkész személyzet. Idén ismét visszatértünk Bezzeg Józsefhez és kiváló embereihez és már tervezzük a következő dátumot is. A család több generációja állandó kihívások elé állította a személyzetet, akik végtelen türelemmel és mosollyal mindent megoldottak. Elképesztő ez a csapat! Tisztaság mindenhol, szép és rendezett környezet, fantasztikusan finom ételek, egyszerűen tökéletes minden! Édesanyám azt mondta, hogy ő még ilyen hotelben, ahol minden rendben van, még nem volt. A férjem szerint (aki nagy kritikus) a Hasik Hotel tökéletes. A család többi tagja pedig csak szorgosan bólogatni tudott. Köszönjük Önöknek, hogy ismét összeraktak bennünket annyira, hogy bírjuk a hétköznapi megpróbáltatásokat és legyen türelmünk kivárni a következő találkozás pillanatát! Szeretettel üdvözlünk mindenkit! Pardi Katalin (és a család további 9 tagja)


Equestrian Centre

...Riding...some are attracted, others have it as a hobby, some pursuit it as a sport, for others it is a passion...

Being a hotel in Bakony, the line applies to us, since horses are an integrated part of our past and history. They are closely connected with the natural environment in Hungary. We recommend the lines below for those who have already been attracted by the magic of horse riding or who are simply open to this incomparable experience

hotel bakony

It might seem incredible today, but there used to be a ski-lift operating on the small hill opposite the hotel, at the back of the Himfy Castle. Although we doubt that this place will ever be famous as a ski resort we can conclude one thing for sure: the place is ideal for course riding. It is difficult to find any other location which would better suit a ride than the gentle slopes and beautiful woods of Bakony.

hotel bakony

With the help of the trained instructors of the hotel as well as the tranquil and balanced horses in the stable anyone can get to know the magic of horse riding. We offer rides for everyone ranging from beginners to the professionals, from adults to small children, from individuals to groups. Those reluctant to mount a horse can try our carriage drives to wander about in the exquisite woods nearby.

hotel bakony


  • riding with reins
  • riding with instructor
  • riding in the arena
  • out-riding (beginner)
  • out-riding (advanced)
  • day-long rides
  • fox hunting
  • carriage rides

Children’s favourites include the pinto pony Tímea, Pedro the small dog, Kormi the cat and Ördög (Evil) the donkey.

hotel bakony

"Course riding is life pleasure embodied. The horse moves freely and you are surrounded by the magic of a perpetually changing, always exciting nature. The horse makes distances dwarf. We can reach places which cannot be accessed by other means of vehicles. We can approach the game quite close without frightening them off. We experience the life of our ancestors, we imagine that our conquering chieftains, brave soldiers of the border fortresses, the kuruc and hussars – our forefathers saw the world from the same perspective The horse and the nation became one in many fields of life for long centuries. Transport, travel, hunting, fighting, work all performed from the saddle or the carriage and mainly on the land. The company of our four-legged friend might be the most pleasant during course-riding."

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