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Pósa Ádám
2017-05-08 15:42:25

Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat. A Hasik prospektus annyira tetszett Abigélnek (13 hónapos), hogy elvittük emlékbe... :-) 2016.09.14.


Hasik gift vouchers

Already from HUF 20,000 can be purchased a hotel service voucher with one-year validity.

Coupons can be delivered at a value of 20.000,-HUF for one year and used to pay for the services in the hotel. We propose that you give to the persons you like things you would receive with pleasure. We have often any good idee what to give as present to the persons we like. We have to mention that  the shops are often overloaded by buyers. We ask if we can enjoy really the people we like.

Our hotel delivers coupons of exclusive quality to use them at the periods co-ordinated with the hotel.  The most beautiful present is if we can give mutually attention and time.  The team of the hotel insures an appropriate surroundings and attentive care to the guests coming here.

1.) Coupon for 2 nights

The package includes:

The package costs (for 2 persons for 2 nights): 69.000 HUF

2.) Coupon for 3 nights

The package includes:

The package costs (for 2 persons for 3 nights): 85.200 HUF

3.) If  you give the plenty of the decisions to the persons wishing those services we can deliver coupons at different values to be used freely.

Coupons can be delivered as follows: coupons at a value of 20T, 30T, 40T or 50T HUF for the services in hotel

Offer asked/I will book

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