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Pardi Katalin
2022-10-11 19:11:49

Kedves József és teljes Személyzet! Nem is tudom megmondani hány alkalommal voltunk már Önöknél családdal, barátokkal. Sok helyen jártunk már, de amit Önök tudnak a vendéglátásról az valami egészen különleges. Azt a maximális figyelmet, amit Önöknél a vendég kap, sehol nem tapasztaltuk. Az csak külön angyalpor volt idén, hogy még egy nappal hamarabb is érkeztünk -természetesen váratlanul-, de Önök megoldották rezzenéstelen arccal, csak mi nevetünk azóta is :). Köszönök, köszönünk Önöknek mindent, a Hasik Hotel nekünk etalon.


A Hotel in Bakony: Hasik Hotel Döbrönte

We must get out of the constant hurry and the strictly-scheduled lives of ours. Leave your suit and evening dresses and wrist watches behind and forget about your mobile and computer for a few days! Think of your family, your children and a bit of yourself!

hotel bakony

The construction of this hotel was not solely based on the results of dire economic and financial calculations and doubtlessly that makes is so exceptional. The originally humble sized farmer’s home was expanded and converted during the years and finally it became a unique hotel in many aspects where our guests can spend time within atmospheric indoor rooms and corridors.

hotel bakony

The front side of the building which faces the street has some slightly cooler colour tone, its style is plainer and pure. The other two parts of the rest of the building, the hotel part facing the park and the restaurant with its warmer, Mediterranean-style colours and atmosphere, finely transform and relate to each other in harmony with their functions. They create a harmonious entity which perfectly suits the rural landscape.

hotel bakony

19 double-rooms of the total 38 of the hotel are air-conditioned, in 22 there is a possibility of installing an extra bed. Each room is equipped with colour television, telephone, mini bar and a bathroom, 23 rooms have their own balcony. Although all rooms are furbished and equipped equally, as they were converted and created in different years their size, atmosphere and style slightly vary. According to these, we can distinguish between three types of rooms.
We are convinced and our experience also proves that many of our guests return due to the excellent preparedness and the guest-oriented attitude of our hotel staff. That’s what makes us differ from the rest of other hotels with the same kind of excellent facilities. We do our utmost not to let down our guests.

Many ask what the name of the hotel means:
Hasik [e: hasik] Ger, funny 1. Carefree recreation, wonderful time 2. Helpful service :-)  Literally: it is an acronym formed from the first letters of the founders’ names.

hotel bakony

We are a family-friendly hotel, however, we don’t only think of human family members but their four-legged companions, too. Some of the rooms are open for cats and dogs and for more trained dogs there are safely lockable kennels available which are insulated underneath and equipped with dog huts. (outdoor dog holiday :-)). It is also possible to receive gust horses in the stable, furthermore horses can be boarded.


Döbrönte is located approximately one and a half hours’ drive away from the capital. It is a lovely hamlet. It is said that there are more deer and roe in the vicinity than people. Honestly, we are not frightened by this fact :) The road ends here and you can only carry on walking or riding a horse. Once you are here it is worth visiting the sites and places around. You might want to feel like staying a bit longer. The clean and orderly settlement, the seasonally changing hills, woods and fields of Bakony which keep producing more and more things to see enchant the guests. Anyone who has visited this place has some deer memories. It’s impossible to get to know Bakony, neither to get tired of it. The more you visit the place, the more you learn about it and thus getting to like it more and more No two identical days will you find here.

Among the colourful meadows and thick woods, you can see the ruins of the Himfy Castle towering over the little hamlet which dates back to the Turkish times. Each and every tourist visiting the place must have walked up to the ruins to touch the old rock wall and marvel at the beautiful view. In sunny days, you can see Somló Hill in the distance which produces so much treasure among them the wine of the wedding night.  It is, however, not the only reason why more and more tourists tend to visit the hamlet...

Hotel Hasik, hidden at the foot of Bakony Hills in Döbrönte is an ideal destination for all who can value the beauty and stillness of nature and the comfort of some convenient accommodation. In this natural environment of exceptional qualities the phenomenal gastronomic experiences, the wide range of wellness and family-friendly services, as well as the helpful and professional hotel staff make the stay of those who would like to relax in the company of their families and children perfect.

Why is it worth visiting Döbrönte?
You can see a list of reasons below supporting the idea of spending time in this settlement:

  1. You are fed up with your boss and/or employees and simply need some rest.
  2. You would like to get away from your workplace together with your colleagues and you need an appropriate place.
  3. You’re looking for the premises of an outdoor training and would like to find the best one.
  4. You would like to devote some time to your family.
  5. You believe you have worked hard to spend the little time you have on hand in a really pleasant way.
  6. You are constantly at home with the children and feel a bit bored of your daily chores.
  7. You enjoy eating, drinking and sleeping.
  8. You love eating, however, you would like to lose some weight...:)
  9. You wish to spend your holiday actively like swimming, hiking or horse riding.
  10. You don’t want to work out at all! You would like to relax! You want to spend an absolutely inactive weekend somewhere.
  11. You would like to surprise your sweetheart.
  12. You would like to be served by a helpful hotel staff in a lovely, homely feel.
  13. You are looking for a hotel where you can take your dog, cat or hamster.
  14. You are fed up with traffic wardens, parking fines and the constant struggle to find a parking place.
  15. You wish to stay in a place where your car is not broken into and is not stolen in case you left it unlocked.
  16. You wish to stay in a place where you together with your spouse and children can spend time carefree.
  17. Your children are interested in riding a pony.
  18. You have already eaten the soup a lá forest ranger of Bakony in loaf.
  19. You haven’t eaten the soup a lá forest ranger of Bakony in loaf yet, but you have heard about it and would like to taste it.
  20. You like good, Hungarian wines.
  21. You are touched by the beauty of horse riding and would like to devote your time to this noble passion.
  22. You haven’t ridden a horse yet, but you know that you would like to try it.
  23. You would like children to see dogs, cats, horses donkeys ”in the flesh” and not only on Cartoon Network.
  24. You are looking for a high-class, good hotel.
  25. You would like to present your lungs some fresh, oxygen-rich Bakony air instead of the thick carbon-monoxide and carbon-dioxide, sulphur-dioxide and other gases of the city.
  26. Instead of waken up by the sirens of ambulance and fire fighters you want to be waken up by bird singing.
  27. You want to switch off your mobile for a few days,
  28. You don’t want to fly or drive across half of Europe just to spend some carefree and pleasant days off work.

Historic retrospection

hotel bakony

The late, good Benedek Himfy must have felt like staying when he was riding up and down the hills around Döbrönte and decided to build a castle for himself in this location. He was the granger of the royal hunting in Bakony. He was allegedly a serious man about his doings, so he finally had the castle built. Our king of the time, Louis the Great approved of the plan and the construction of Szarvaskő Castle was finished in 1367. From the windows of the building we can still see the Somló Hill in sunny days today. The noble men of the place found many reasons – merry or doleful - to lift their cups full of wine. The lord of the castle, Benedek Himfy could not have had any idea of the dishonour his descendant brought over the name of the family. Losing their economic and moral power over the region, they became villains who often robbed and tortured the local dwellers. The castle became the nest of villainous knights. Although, other branches of the family achieved political and economic success, the castle in Döbrönte remained the dwelling place of robbers. Tamás Debrentei, who was the captain of the castle in the XVth century and a brave soldier to János Hunyadi, also went looting with is brothers, exploiting and frightening the locals in Bakony and furthermore the Abbey of Pannonhalma in 1464. All these awful deeds made our just King Matthias to decide to present the castle in Döbrönte together with the surrounding estates to his loyal knight, László Kanizsai. Consecutively, several captains owned the castle until it got back to the Himfy family in the second half of the 17th century.
In the chronicles of the 1550s the castle is mentioned as intact. It was one of the significant forts of the Transdanubian region. It was a castle suitable to dwell still in the 1600s. However a document from 1761 mentioned it as a ruinous place. There is no exact data about the fate of the castle since then. It might have been destroyed during the Turkish invasion in the 17th century since there has been no written record of the Szarvaskő castle in Döbrönte which though ruinous is still a proud erection over the small hamlet below it.

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